Our History.

Our History, Background & Green Policy

The Quay Co-op was founded in 1982 as a radical/alternative community project by a collective effort of feminist, lesbian & gay, environmental and other alternative groups and individuals.  Throughout the 1980’s it provided a local base for the politics of the new social movements of the period – at a time when Irish society, and its economy,  seemed to be going backwards rather than forwards.

In the changed environment of the 2000’s, Quay Co-op re-invented itself as a worker’s co- operative, running a successful vegetarian restaurant, organic  food store and ‘in-house’ bakery.  However, it still retains the personality and values of its radical origins.

Our Green Policy

Here at the Quay Co-Op, we are always striving to utilise fully sustainable sources, packaging and wrapping for all our products. We review this regularly, and try to push progress at all times. As you can imagine, this is a work in progress. We are constantly placing this on the agenda with our suppliers. We welcome ideas at all times, so please fee free to drop us a line to us on the contact page.


Our food is vegetarian and vegan, and it is sourced locally where possible. We do not use genetically modified produce, and again where possible, we use organic produce in our cooking. We only use free range eggs.


We have made a commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. We encourage customers to bring their own bags when shopping, and those we sell are 100% biodegrable. All our takeaway containers are fully compostable. Our own brand goods are in recyclable packaging.  We are currently researching a move to glass containers for other fresh foods made in house. Many of our suppliers have environmentally sound packaging, including bamboo and potato starch, which often looks like plastic. We are not there yet though, and will continue to push progress.

Energy & Transport

You may have seen our new deliveries van zipping around town. We recently purchased an electric van which is far more environmentally sound and almost silent! We are also looking at changing our lighting to LED which is kinder to the environment.

Recycle In-Store

We have an extensive range of Ecover and Sonett products at our Refill station; including washing up liquid, fabric conditioner, laundry and dishwashing liquids, hand soap and toilet cleaner. We separate and recycle our waste across all parts of the shop, café and restaurant.