Terranova Nutrition Vitamin D3 400iu (50 Capsule)


One vegetarian capsule typically includes:

Stabilized Rice Bran Solubles 200mg
Coriander Leaf (Coriandrum sativum)-fresh freeze dried-ORGANIC 50mg
Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita Pepo) 50mg
Spirulina (Spirulina platensis)-fresh freeze dried-ORGANIC 25mg

Vitamin D3 (vegan cholecalciferol – from lichen 400iu 10ug
Vegetarian Capsule Shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)


Directions: As a food supplement for children ages 4-12 years, take 1 capsule daily with food. For Children who cannot swallow capsules, the contents of the capsule can be emptied into juice, a smoothie or yogurt. Do not exceed stated dose unless directed by a healthcare practitioner. Store in a cool, dry place


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