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Ricola Original Swiss Herb Drops (75g)



Sweetener (isomalt), extract (1 %) of Ricola’s herb mixture, colour (plain caramel), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K), natural mint flavouring, menthol.


The original herb drop has a familiar, aromatic taste and is highly effective at relieving coughs and sore throats. The recipe used to make the original herb drops loved by people around the world has not changed since 1940 and is a closely guarded secret. Without giving too much away, the special quality of the original herb drop comes from the 13 herbs used in the recipe: horehound, burnet, speedwell, marshmallow plant, lady’s mantle, elder blossom, mallow, peppermint, sage, yarrow, cowslip, plantain and thyme.


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