Qi Organic Fair trade Jasmine Tea (25 bags)



Green Tea*F (100%) scented with real Jasmine petals.

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Qi Organic Fairtrade Jasmine Green Tea has an abundant sweet and sensuous aroma and the taste of Jasmine comes from the special preparation which follows the time honoured traditions for preparing a high quality Jasmine tea. This natural Jasmine Tea is prepared by layering the flowers and tea on separate trays and allowing the scent of the flower to be naturally absorbed by the tea. This process is repeated a number of times until the required scent is achieved. Because there is no physical contact between flower and tea, the taste of the Jasmine tea remains pure, sweet and richly scented.

  • 25 Bags.
  • Sweet & Sensuous Aroma.
  • Jasmine Tea is pure, sweet & richly scented.


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