Qi Organic Detox Tea FT (25 bags)


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Green Tea*F (66%), dandelion root* (10%), milk thistle* (10%), peppermint leaf*, licorice*, ginger*, fennel seeds*, natural orange flavour* and natural lemon flavour*

Out of stock


Qi Detox tea has the “fresh in the morning” taste of lemon and orange. It is enhanced with fennel seeds to regulate Qi energy together with ginger, licorice and peppermint leaf. Qi energy herbs help to restore the balance and harmony of our bodies. Cleansing dandelion root and milk thistle – a refreshing fruity beverage.

Dandelion root and milk thistle seed work together and in harmony with green tea’s diuretic properties to cleanse the system and restore its own natural balance and harmony.

These teabags are heat sealed and therefore contain a small amount of plastic – food grade polypropylene.


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