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Palm Free Irish Soap Deodorant Bar – Nude (34g)


Ingredients –

Organic Cocoa Butter (theobroma Cacao), Organic Arrowroot Powder (maranta arundinacea), Organic Sheanut Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Candelilla wax (euphorbia antisyphilitica), Bentonite Clay, Natural Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminium Free), Zinc Oxide. Plus Gently Warmed Cocoa Butter infused with Organic Herbal Extracts of Lavender & Thyme (Not Essential Oils) with Kaolin Clay.


Our New NUDE Solid Deodorant Bar which is proving to be just as effective as our Sport and Herbal Deo Bars, but made without the use of any essential oils. Developed specifically for:- Pregnant & Nursing Mothers, pre and post and surgery patients, those undergoing chemotherapy and for customers who just prefer to have an unscented deodorant bar, made without the use of any Essential Oils.

Fortified with Organic Arrowroot and Bentonite Clay, the deodorant works to absorb perspiration and protect skin against environmental toxins, whilst Organic Shea and Cocoa Butter gently moisturises and hydrates the underarm area to prevent dryness.


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