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Nature Baby Care Eco Nappy Bags (50 Pack)


  • 100% independent certification of compostability by AB Vincotte

  • Easy to use

  • Natural cornstarch film

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

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By using these completely independently certified compostable disposal bags together with Nature care Baby diapers, you will decrease your carbon footprint significantly while keeping the high performance of conventional diapers. Since the bags are made of natural cornstarch film only, you can’t really go any greener than this. Especially if you compare the environmental benefits of cornstarch film to those of conventional plastic (clue: there are none).

How To Use

The bags come packaged in a roll inside of a cardboard box, so make sure to open the box along the perforation to ensure smooth handling of the bags. When changing your baby, roll out a bag, tear it off along the perforation and put the dirty diaper inside of it. Seal carefully and dispose of in a bin. Do remember that in order to be as eco-friendly as possible, the contents should be as renewable as the bag.


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