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Lord of Tofu Organic Tofu Grilled (120g)


76% Tofu* (Water, Soybeans*, coagulant: Kombucha* [Black Tea* with Sugar* fermented into vinegar] and Nigari [Magnesium Chloride]), Sunflower Oil*, Palm Butter*, Red Pepper*, Sea Salt, Spices*, Yeast Flakes*, Tamari (Soy Sauce)*, Sultanas*, Maize starch*, thickening agent: Locust Bean gum* and Agar-Agar*, garlic*. May contain traces of: Celeriac*, Mustard*, Sesame*. *from organic farming.



Tofu (spiced and pasteurized) for barbecue or pan. Unlike most of the tofu products available in the market, Lord of Tofu undergoes a real coagulation obtained by adding Kombucha in the hot soy milk to coagulate the soy protein. This results in a unique taste and texture. The combination of the amazing soy bean and the magic Kombucha results in a nutritionally highly recommended tofu with a wonderful nutty flavour.


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