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De Rit Organic Honey Waffles (175g)


WHEAT syrup * 35%, WHEAT flour * [GLUTEN], Palm oil *, Corn malt syrup * 12%, Honey * 8%, WHEAT bran *, SOY flour *, Sea salt, Cinnamon *, Rennet: sodium bicarbonate, Emulsifier: soya lecithin, * = Organic



The history of the stroopwafel goes back to 1784. A baker from Gouda made waffles in a hot waffle iron using leftover cookie crumbs and spices. He cut these waffles in half and filled them with leftover syrup. Since then, this ‘poor man’s cake’ has been a favourite Dutch delicacy.

These delicious wafers have a nice intense honey taste due to the addition of honey.


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