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Cultured Food Co. Organic Fermented Beetroot Tonic (500ml)


Beetroot (54%), Water, Salt, Ginger. Low Sugar content due to fermentation process. Naturally-occurring yeasts may develop and are harmless.



Real Food, Real Culture, 100% Natural, Made in West Cork.
Earthy beetroots are infused with ginger and barrel fermented for several months.
Rich with real cultures this versatile condiment should be served cold and enjoyed on the side with any meal.
Supports Digestion, Immune Boosting, Detoxifying & Rich in Nutrients
Unpasteurized, Probiotic and Raw

100% Natural, Handmade

The Cultured Food Company is reviving the ancient tradition of handcrafted raw fermented foods. By harnessing the natural power of certain microbes they transform foods through fermentation into a whole new taste sensation, rich with real culture.


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