Amisa Organic Spelt, Poppyseed & Sunflower (200g)


Ingredients: Spelt Wheat Wholegrain Flour* (62%), Sunflower Seeds* (15%), Poppy Seeds* (12%), Sea Salt, Yeast*, Olive Oil*, Oat Flakes*, Soya Meal*, Linseed Brown*, Millet*, Spelt Wheat Flour*, Spelt Wheat Malt Flour*, Barley Malt Flour*, Acerola Fruit Powder*.

*= certified organic ingredients.



By buying Amisa Spelt Crispbreads, you are supporting not just a bakery, but a social enterprise dedicated to the employment of people with learning difficulties.

Spelt is an ancient grain cultivated thousands of years ago and only recently rediscovered. Amisa Organic Spelt Crispbread, retains all the goodness of this ancient grain. The sunflower seeds and cheese add extra flavour and texture. Amisa Organic Spelt Crispbread, with added poppy & sunflower, retains all the goodness of this ancient grain with some extra healthy fats.

Get creative with different toppings – try this quick combination: sliced tomato, salt, pepper and a drizzle of organic olive oil for a delicious lunchtime snack.
Although not gluten free, spelt can be tolerated by some people with wheat allergies.


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